Santosha Yoga
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Santosha classes aim to be challenging, informative and varied.

We are careful to organise the sequences to reflect your level of experience, safety and understanding. To help us direct you better, please inform your teacher of any medical issue or change in health.

Classes are 90 minutes unless otherwise stated. Please choose the class suitable for your level of experience. If in doubt, contact us.

Beginner level : Great for those just starting on the yoga path, or returning after time away from the practice. An easy pace with emphasis on foundation poses. We include lots of "warm-up" poses to ease you in, with modifications to help you understand, and a final guided relaxation.

Continuing level : If you have some experience in yoga you might want to start here. Short inversions are included.

Experienced level : Want more challenge? Always with safety and understanding in mind, this class is for those who are confident in the basics, and are steady in inversion poses.

Classes Weekly Schedule as of 27th July 2022

Saturday AM

9.30 am ... Mixed level

Sunday AM

9.30 am ... Mixed level

Tuesday AM

9.30 am ... Experienced

Tuesday PM

6.30 pm ... Intermediate

Wednesday PM

6pm ... 75 minutes with Madeline

Foundation for Beginners

Thursday AM

9.30 am ... Beginner

Classes continue: January through December.

Studio closures: Monday of each long weekend.

At Santosha, we follow the traditional Iyengar calendar of a four week rotation.


Week One

Standing Poses

Strength develops in the legs, improving stability and balance. We learn to be grounded while achieving lightness. Both pelvic and shoulder girdles become open.


Week Two

Forward Bends and Twists

Forward bends bring quietness to blood pressure and brain. Muscles on the back body from calves to upper shoulders lengthen, relieving tension in the spine. Twisting poses increase the flexibility in the torso, and massage the inner organs.


Week Three

Back Bends

Muscles of the back strengthen, the spine becomes more flexible, posture improves. Courage and confidence increase as the chest opens.


Week Four

Pranayama and Restorative

Preparatory poses open the lungs, allowing deeper focused breathing. Supported poses help relax and quieten the nervous system.

"Think light! Try to impart a feeling of lightness to the body. This can be achieved by mentally extending yourself outwards from the centre… Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing. Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time!"

BKS Iyengar, “Sparks of Divinity “