Classes and how to attend

Classes   are 90 minutes, except for Beginner at 75 minutes.


Sunday   9.30 am   All levels
Tuesday   9.30 am   Experienced
Tuesday   6.30 pm   Intermediate
Wednesday   6pm   Foundations for Beginners
Thursday   9.30 am   Continuing Beginners
Saturday   9.30 am   Intermediate

All levels
For those with 6 months plus experience with yoga, focusing on stability with modifications.
Students are conversant with Iyengar terminology and alignment, comfortable with inversions and be able to hold Head Balance (Sirsasana) and Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) for 5 minutes.
Building on an established practice to include short inversions.
Foundational Beginner
No experience required. Basic concepts of stability and alignment are emphasised to increase confidence and understanding. Classes conclude with restorative poses.
Continuing Beginner
For those already established in the practice but needing a slower pace. Classes include modified inversions and a longer restorative section.

Please contact us   if you are unsure which class is best for you.


4-Class Package

$74 + 9.62 HST = $83.62
8-Class Package
$134 + 17.42 HST = $151.42
75 Minute Class, 4-Class Package
$52 + 6.76 tax = $58.76

Packages   are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
We accept cash, cheques or e-transfer, details on request.

Reservations   Space is limited.
Once your class card is established, text  905 876 4839 or email to Davina at least 24 hours prior to your chosen class to book your spot.
You will receive a confirmation by the same method.