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Events 2019

This year we focus on inner strengthening.

Yoga evolved gradually over thousands of years to give us the ultimate practice for health. While we are doing good through poses designed to stretch our muscles, we might be missing out on yoga’s deeper aspects. We need to touch all cells in the body and affect the physiological layer- organs, connective tissue, nerves – to have a strong and radiant body.

Santosha presents a series of four intensives to address the organic layer:

23rd February:Immune System

Boost your ability to withstand viruses, colds, depression.

23rd March: Nerves and Brain

Build happiness! Release tension, stress, and anxiety.

20th April: Digestion

Cleanse and refresh this very important abdominal area of energy production.

25th May: Inner Focus, the fourth in the series. Experience Meditiation in Action.

Poses will be chosen for the physical body to challenge habits and open up new possibilities; resting the body, we will work with the brain to achieve calm; the breath will help search for the spirit to cultivate wholeness.

NEW EVENT: International Day of Yoga, Friday 21st June, 6.30pm.

We join this worldwide celebration with a thoughtful, easy yoga practice, followed by the Santosha tradition of eating cake (flavour to be confirmed). Please reserve your spot by text or at the studio. All proceeds from your $20 ticket will be donated to Halton Women's Place.

"Look forward to Autumn when the workshop series continues. Includes hips, history and meditation in action".

Student Comments

“Just wanted to take this opportunity, after so many years of practice with you, to thank you for your uncanny ability to consistently know whatever ails me, If I happen to come to class with either an emotional disturbance or physical discomfort, I come away feeling miraculously righted! Your Iyengar instruction works for me wonderfully, much appreciated, Davina!" M-L.S, Grimsby.

"Dear Davina, just want to let you know that my hips and pelvis feel so light after class today. I don’t think I ever experienced that even in my 20’s. Wow! Thank you!" L.B. Ancaster.

"Thanks for another great workshop! I could really feel my core after the sequence on the Immune System." L.C. Burlington.

“Thank you for such a wonderful class last Saturday (the one on the nervous system) . It was challenging in great ways." M.B. Burlington.

“Thank you for a lovely class last night!  I felt wonderful and relaxed!" P. G, Burlington, after a Pranayama class.

Register for all workshops and events at the studio,
by text to 905 876 4839

or email @   Santosha Yoga

Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

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"Yogah cittavrtti nirodhah"

"The practice of yoga brings about the cessation of emotional disturbances."

Yoga Sutra I:2