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Meet a Santosha student

Fran Boisvert

Q: How long have you been going to class at 541 Brant Street (now SantoshaYoga)?
A: After receiving the very best Christmas gift ever from my family, I started classes Jan. 2003 with Davina.

Q: What made you begin yoga?
A: After being diagnosed with cancer and having gone through surgery and then one month of radiation, I felt I needed some sort of program in order to calm my mind and increase my body strength. I was able to attend yoga twice a week, once with Davina and once at Wellspring Cancer Support Centre for five years, and then twice a week with Davina.

Q: Why do you continue to come to class?
A: The longer I live, the more I realize the importance of taking the time to keep active. Each class with Davina, and over the years I have attended many, is different. I learn something new every class and continue grow on this yoga journey. Correct alignment, increased flexibility, muscle strength, and balance help me live a more comfortable life.

Q: What does yoga do for you?
A: As I go through my daily life I am more conscious of simple things such as, standing straighter, lifting objects correctly, sitting straighter, using my muscles rather my joints, but most of all, being kinder and more considerate to everyone around me. To be more humble, kind and thankful for everything I have and everyone in my life.

Q: What is your favourite asana (pose)?
A: I thoroughly enjoy inversions. Hanging from the ropes allows me to comfortably hang inverted without putting weight through my neck which is comprised through osteoporosis and scar tissue from the radiation.

“Yoga is not about stretching; it’s about conciousness. Yoga techniques, whether they focus on body, breath, or brain, seek to cultivate an expansive, quiet state of mind……. Whichever method you use, practice attentively and be responsive to what is happening in your body and mind, rather than what you expect to happen. This is truly conscious practice, and so expresses the essence of yoga”

Roger Cole, American Iyengar teacher